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My name is Levi Thorson, and me and my wife Luanne work with YWAM Ships in Kona, Hawaii.

We are part of the division of YWAM who’s heart is for the Pacific islands, through the means of sailing. There are over 900 Islands in the Pacific, and around 800 of them have no airstrip or means of contact aside from maritime vessel.

Being only 22 and newly married gives me an incredible opportunity to breath fresh life into the mission field, to test the boundaries of what has been possible in previous generations. It is my prayer that my youth will be a testament to how God wants to relate to young missionaries. These years will form the foundation for the rest of my ministry. As such, I hope to set a precedent of radical faith to follow where God is leading. While this involves stepping out into unknowns and discomfort, it’s something I am prepared to do.

In order to achieve this, I need a basis of financial and prayerful support from people who wish to see the Gospel reach every tribe and tongue. Just as scripture says:

“Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.” 1 Corinthians 9:6

Our Story

Me and Luanne met in Hawaii, and soon after we began learning about sailing in the Navigation school. We started dating, and we went to Fiji 2 weeks later. While there, we were part of a team that delivered Fijian Bibles to the Yasawa island chain for the first time. from there, our love of missions and the people of the pacific have only grown, so we’ve spent the last 3 years doing outreach in the Central Pacific and Pacific Asia, and have just tied the knot in January 2024.

Ywam has spent the last 50 years on the cutting edge of missions, going where no one else does, and establishing a culture of missions that listens to the people of the culture that is being reached, seeing bow the lord is already working there, and champion the people into finding tehir own personal relationship with Christ based on their cultural context. we believe that the Word of God is applicable to every nation, tribe, and tongue. the Love of God is not a just a religion; but a  relationship that transcends the boundaries of Culture.

One of the most important boundaries that keeps a people '“Isolated” is language- their mother tongue. YWAM has been working in local communities to tranlare bible sinto native languages for years now- and me and Luanne are now part of that mission.

Bible Translation

What is Navigation school?

The School of Navigation and Seamanship is a school that  lead out of Kona, Hawaii that equips missionaries to reach the isolated by means of sailing. We cover subjects such as Charting, Meteorology, Ship Maintenance, Tides and Sea Currents, and Marine Mechanics. Everything they need to become an asset in the spread of the Gospel across any ocean on earth. Students receive a 3 month lecture phase and a 3 month outreach, where they actually get to apply what they have learned in the field. The school is a conduit to get missionaries into the unreached places of the Pacific.

Island of the Month- June

Makatea, Tuomotus

Makatea is one of only 4 islands in the Tuomotus that are not coral Atolls, rather it rises some 260 feet above sea level on a high plateau. In the early part of the 1910s a phosphate mining company bored thousands of holes there, 10 feet wide and 30 feet deep. These holes remain in the jungle growth, and are hidden to the passing islander. many people have been lost to the holes and never found. After mining out the island, the french company left the people to their own devices. a Ghost mining town and harbor now lie on the northeastern edge of the coast.  

Population: 68

Area: 9.3 square miles

languages: Mihiroa, French, Tahitian

Interview at Northplace Church, Feb 2023


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